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Modern-day consumers care more about sustainability, animal welfare and their own health than ever before.

More and more of them now substitute meat and dairy products with plant-based options. VGAN meets the need of these consumers. It is made and produced by food lovers for food lovers.

VGAN is a small Norwegian company with a passion for quality and amazing flavor. Our slogan is «When taste matters», which is a slogan that requires commitment! We want to offer a chocolate that suits you if you are vegan, have allergies, or simply want to change your eating habits.


Our desire was to make a chocolate that is sustainable, but with amazing flavor. We went around the world looking for a partner that could make this product with us. We found those partners in the brothers Benjamin. They run an amazing factory that exclusively makes vegan products and flavor, and quality is just as important for them that it is for us.


The two brothers Krassimir and Martin Benjamin started to experiment on their kitchen at home in Sofia. Gradually they have become experts on how to produce vegan chocolate, and eventually got their own factory. They are both vegan and their passion is obvious in all their products. They do not compromise with quality or taste. All the produce is of the very best quality and also organic. Since they only make vegan products, VGAN is guaranteed completely milk-free.


Together we sat down and tested, changed, tasted, and changed it again until VGAN was born. We have already made five first-class flavors, and we think that VGAN is the world greatest chocolate.


In the beginning of our journey, we found the farmers who grow our ingredients. Unfortunately, they have through history been mistreated, forgotten and underpaid. They are the ones who make it possible for us to make VGAN, and we believe that they deserve a happy and good life. Therefore, we track our ingredients carefully to makes sure no one is taken advantage of. We support the farmers we work with. Sustainable and ethical growing in harmony with high quality is very important for us.


The cocoa beans that we use in the VGAN chocolate comes from small family-owned plantations and cooperatives in Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. As a consumer, you can trust that those who produce chocolate for VGAN is guaranteed to be well-paid. Enjoying chocolate is supposed to be joyful experience, not only for those who are eating it, but also for those who are involved in making the chocolate. We cannot prove it, but we believe that if you feel good, you can put more love and care into your work, which will affect the taste in a positive way and ensure that the final product tastes better.  

Our Secret: Taste matter