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VGAN Stands with Mercy for Animals – Your VGAN Choice

VGAN supports US animal protection organization Mercy for Animals (MFA), and donates a cut from every chocolate bar sold in the US to MFA.
Photo: Stijn te Strake
MISSION – END INDUSTRIAL ANIMAL AGRICULTURE MFA’s mission is to “end industrial animal agriculture by constructing a just and sustainable food system.” MFA has conducted several investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, many of which have resulted in animal cruelty convictions, changes in corporate animal welfare policies, and primetime media coverage.
PROMOTE VEGAN EATING The organization has guided many of the world’s largest food companies, including Nestlé, Perdue, and Walmart, in adopting animal welfare policies. MFA also promotes vegan eating through social media, videos, writing, and online resources MFA believes that a world without industrial animal agriculture is possible – if we work together to create it. Imagine a world in which we nourish ourselves with food that is kind to animals and sustainable for the planet and all who share it. VGAN SUPPORT MFA´S EFFORTS – at VGAN we aim to cooperate with an ideal organization in each of our markets to support the change we aim to be a small part of. We are therefore extremely humble and proud to support Mercy For Animals.  Probably the best organization working to change the consumption for farmed Animal foods to plantbased alternatives says VGAN CEO Thomas Kraft. VGAN supports US animal protection organization Mercy for Animals (MFA), and donates .01¢ of every single chocolate bar sold in the US during 2023 to MFA. That’s an estimated $20,000 dollars to animal welfare work!
VGAN CEO Thomas Kraft
TASTE, QUALITY AND AVAILABILITY At VGAN we make premium chocolate, snacks and sweets, all plant based. Through superior taste, exceptional quality, and mainstream availability we aim to nudge the consumption of sweets and treats towards products with a significantly better global footprint. ALREADY MILES AHEAD With only plant based ingredients VGAN are already miles ahead of anything dairy/animal based. The UN identifies plant-based diets “as a major opportunity for mitigating and adapting to climate change,” and it recommends that governments around the world adopt policies to reduce dairy production, VGAN aim to spearhead this within the chocolate, snacks and sweets category. And in line with the EU Green Deal’s strategy “From Farm to Fork” VGAN also want to secure a sustainable livelihood for primary producers and social rights for workers in the supply chain. This is our main focus outside of creating the most delicious sweets available. FOR ALL CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS – Neither our products, nor our constant efforts to improve our global footprint are targeted specifically towards vegans, but rather the increasing number of conscious consumers who are concerned about the planet, animal welfare, and the conditions of workers and farmers. Making some people go vegan is great, but we believe that making it easier to choose plant based for all has an even greater impact. By providing access to reliable, credible, transparent and verified data about our products’ environmental and social impact from farm to consumers we will change the way consumers choose products Thomas continues, just hinting towards an ongoing project that is taking a lot of time and effort for the VGAN organization and partners. FOR MORE INFO ON MERCY FOR ANIMALS VISIT THEIR WEBSITE HERE