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VGAN + Bia Benjamin = Great Chocolate – VGAN Choice

It took us years of experience in chocolate development, and a match made in cacao heaven to create the best vegan chocolate in the world (why claim anything less?).

Throughout our many years of developing chocolate we have been trying to create a smooth and tasty vegan chocolate. After a demanding (well, how demanding can chocolate development really be?) process we finally reached our goal together with a small chocolate factory in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria.

Photo by Alexandr Bormotin

The Benjamin brothers share our passion for chocolate, and they have the skill and experience to manufacture our products the way we want them to be. We have now developed five premium, first-class chocolates in collaboration with the Benjamin brothers. And there are more to come, including several collabs with other chocolate enthusiasts.

Chocolate research and development is going on. // Photo: John Harald Knutsson

Krassmir and Martin started experimenting at home making chocolate from raw cacao in 2014 with a mission make the first Bulgarian organic raw chocolate, sweetened with agave syrup. This experimentation does not slow down, and for several years they go through hundreds of chocolates from around the world leading them to their current obsession – chocolate, made of roasted cacao beans.

Krassimir Benjamin takes chocolate development very seriously. // Photo: John Harald Knutsson

The brothers studies the history of cacao and bean processing technology. In the beginning of 2017 sixteen new products with interesting recipes are developed, and with their acquired knowledge they equip a factory, hire and train a whole chocolate crew to handle the delicate production processes behind the subtle chocolate tastes.

At VGAN we can relate to the enthusiasm of the Benjamin crew. Working together with likeminded people in creating our different chocolates have been an amazing experience, and we are proud of seeing it gain traction in the world, from the mountain towns in Norway to the shelves at Walmart all over the US.

The Jamie Anderson chocolate is already in some shelves. // Photo: John Harald Knutsson

And this is just the beginning, there are new VGAN products being developed as we write this. The first collab we did was with the amazing Aurora, her one of a kind chocolate experience with a combination of hazelnuts, guarana & ginger will blow your mind. Next in the pipeline is the equally mind blowing white chocolate with matcha and lemon done in collaboration with snowboarder Jamie Anderson.

Both VGAN and our factory value the certification of all organic standards, plus transparency in the supply chain. Although we already adhere to these standards we be believe that there still is room for improvement.

The factory is a child friendly place // Photo: John Harald Knutsson

We are currently working on a research project to search for ways to improve our global footprint. Both when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. This is an ongoing process and more information on our developments will be introduced as they move along.