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Wine First – The perfect match between wine and food, but wine first

Discover the cooking series that finds the perfect match between wine and food by putting WINE FIRST!

At VGAN we appreciate both the simple pleasure of a piece of chocolate, and the elaborate art of fine wine and amazing cooking. The conventional idea of creating a dish, and then finding a wine to match is turned upside down here, as Liaora and Yolanda choose the wine first, and leave it to the chefs to create a matching dish.

Meet the larger than life wine producers of some of the finest wines from various regions and learn first-hand the intricacies of creating these local wines. Then sit back and watch some of Europe’s finest chefs prepare exquisite meals to accompany their wine selections. 

WINE FIRST is a series that matches delicious wine and food. The program takes viewers through some of the most beautiful European wine regions, where sommelier Liora Levi and food enthusiast Yolanda Año search for three wines that reflect the character of the area.

In each episode, Liora and Yolanda challenge one renowned local chef to cook three dishes that complement the taste and qualities of each of their chosen wines.