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Positive Global Footprint – An Ongoing Process – VGAN Choice

Although VGAN already adhere to the highest standards of chocolate production we be believe that there still is room for improvement, it is our goal to do even better.

Both VGAN and our factory follow the certification of organic standards, plus transparency in the supply chain. Although we already adhere to these standards we be believe that there still is room for improvement, it is our goal to do even better.

We are currently working on a research project to pinpoint ways where we can improve our global footprint. Both when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. This is an ongoing process and more information on our developments will be introduced as they move along.

At this point we are certified organic, kosher and vegan. Our chocolates are gluten free and made from raw cacao, grown by farmers who are fairly paid for their efforts.

Our Organic-certified producers of cacao apply the ancient system of the permaculture in which cacao trees are planted among trees like mango, avocado and papaya. Through this system the fine exotic fragrances of these trees are entwined in the rich and unique aroma of that extraordinary cacao. There is almost no bitterness and it has a delicate, well-balanced, exquisite taste.


Have you ever seen the chocolate index – “can shed traces of milk”. There are plenty of companies that make both vegan and non-vegan chocolates. In Bio Benjamin we produce only vegan chocolate and absolutely every ingredient, that enters the production factory has plant origin.

We only use exceptionally high quality fairly traded cacao beans, grown in family-run farms in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Thus we guarantee that the cacao beans are fairly grown and farmers are fairly paid.

A gluten-free diet strictly excludes gluten, a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, including barley, rye, oat and others. All our chocolate bars are entirely safe for people with gluten sensitivity.

Raw chocolate is chocolate which is produced in a raw or minimally-processed form. It is made from unroasted (sun-dried) cacao beans and cold pressed cacao butter. Raw chocolate’s cacao beans are processed under 45°C, while other chocolates are made on temperatures over 160°C – 180°C.